Reflections: 2019 Prayer Retreat

Despite the threat of severe weather, some of the Oklahoma City Navigators gathered at the Central Oklahoma Camp and Conference center this past Saturday to spend extended time with the Lord in prayer and His word. While everyone enjoyed breakfast, Jason Reese shared his testimony of how God has helped his recovery from drug addiction and save his marriage. Afterwards, everyone split off for 2 hours of time alone with the Lord before rejoining for lunch and share time.

One person’s highlight came from their time of reflection in the book of Numbers, where they felt challenged to pray to the Lord for help and for His will to be done, rather than praying for their own will and God to help with it.

Another highlight was from Judges 5:11, where they asked, “How often do we stop and thank God for what He’s done and reflecting on how God is at work?” and “Do we ask the Lord what He is doing around us and ask others what God has done in their lives and take the time to pray prayers of thanksgiving?”

While it’s hard to get uninterrupted and blocked off time in our busy schedules, we also live in a world doesn’t always understand what it looks like to have a relationship with God and we have an enemy is so against us hearing from the Lord, so our hope is for those who got to come to the prayer retreat for the first time to get taste for how wonderfully refreshing it is to get extended time along with the Lord for 2-3 hours.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to spend unhurried time with the Lord. Thank you Len Crawford and Mike O’Keefe for organizing this time for us and the Central Oklahoma Camp and Conference Center for hosting and serving us such delicious food.

Is there someone you could bring with you next time the prayer retreat rolls around?