Reflections: OKC Nav20s Summer Retreat

The OKC Metro 20s group gathered together at the Coffee Grounds in Hinton, OK in June to spend some focused time with the Lord, deepening friendships, and hear from Ben Nugent, the Navigators National 20s Director.

Friday night everyone got a chance to wind-down from their week with burgers and Frisbee.

Over the course of the weekend, Ben shared God has placed us here at this specific time so that people will see God in us at work and have opportunities to learn more about Him. He challenged us to understand 3 important truths:

1. Jesus is Lord, not just Savior: Submission is not a part of American culture, but surrender increases over our lifetimes if we start to practice it while we are young. This means giving God authority and control over every decision in our lives.

2. We have to deny ourselves in order to live for God: Who is the beneficiary

of our agenda? When we make the large decision to put Christ and others. First, we have to follow it up with small daily decisions to make it a reality. We have to turn away from our comfort (take up our cross daily): Making Jesus Lord of our life is a one-way path of no return.

3. We will suffer for following Jesus; we can allow it to draw us closer to Him or to drive us away, but Jesus is the only One who can give us true life.

Since beginning our work lives, most of us miss Spring Break and all the down time of our routines before launching into adult life. We all look forward to these weekend retreats to refresh with friends and fellowship around God’s Word. We bonded together over meal preparations, board games, hiking, embroidery and an epic game of Apples to Apples.

Sunday morning brought a sweet extended time with God to process the things we are learning.

Ricky shared, “I am constantly surprised by how refreshing it is to spend an intentional weekend with like-hearted friends. The grind of the workweek can just drain my emotions and leave me mentally taxed. It turns out that retreats like this one are life for my soul. Whether it was lounging in the sun, a leisurely hike through the grounds, or silly card games, I was blessed by the time away with friends. I am so thankful to be a part of a group that loves one another and can rest well together.”

For Cana, “My highlight was the simplicity, basic truth and application Ben shared from scripture and observing how Jesus labored and loved others. Ben also shared over one of our meals the broader term of vocation or ‘calling’ each one of us has and what it means for us as young 20s to not only have an occupation but also ministry that fits within our vocation.”

Check out some of the fun memories the 20s made over the weekend by checking out the pictures below.

Photos by: Cana Radford